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Reverse Osmosis System And Purifier

Reverse Osmosis systems we offer can work well with a special fine membrane. These are made to eliminate impurities of different size and shape. The systems are made to clear out the harmful chemicals as well as contaminants. Also, these are known to take out the viruses, microorganisms, ions, bacteria, amongst others. Several types of chemicals can be removed. The purification technologies of the machines is quite appreciable. Reverse Osmosis systems are made to filter toxins such as arsenic, chlorine, lead, mercury, and fluoride. RO purification is made to boost the taste of water.

Industrial Water Purifier

  • Voltage:440
  • Water in conductivity:1000 TDS
  • Water Source:Ground Water
  • Recycle Rate:1
  • Water Out Conductivity:50 TDS
Price: 190000 INR/Piece

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